About Us

In the summer of 1968 the founder of Del Amo chemical Company, Harrod Pettigrew, determined that there was an urgent need for a chemical distributor that could provide prompt attention and service to small businesses in and around the Los Angeles area of California. 

Harrods prior purchasing and sales back round gave him the knowledge he needed to achieve his objectives. After three years of successful business operations, Mr. Pettigrew’s son, Ronald, graduated from Pepperdine University and came to work at Del Amo chemical.  Ronald started out by loading and unloading trucks and box cars, making deliveries, inventory control, handling the accounts receivables and sales.

Harrod and Ronald worked together for 12 years when at that point Harrod retired and Ronald took over as President of Del Amo chemical Co.

Located in Gardena California, Del Amo Chemical is an excellent source and distributor of a wide variety of chemicals, and has the capability to provide custom chemical blending services, packaging and fulfillment.

Through hard work, perseverance, and dedication to solving customers needs, the education Ronald has received from his father and college has enabled him to expand Del Amo Chemical’s capabilities from chemical distribution to a chemical blending company serving not only local businesses but nationally and international customers as well.

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